Thanks for visiting! I wanted to take a moment and explain what it means to me to “Keep It Shiny”. I love Firefly, and in it Joss Whedon used shiny to mean good or valuable, “cool”. It is something that has stuck with me and grew into an outlook on life that I want to share.

It is easy to let yourself get buried in the negativity, paranoia and general angst of this world. I’ve seen some of it and for a time I allowed myself to be succumbed by the weight of it. It was a weight born of hopelessness. It was a dark and uncomfortable time in my life. While I never attempted suicide I came closer than I ever want to again and I understand why people choose that path.

I fought it. It certainly did not feel like it at the time, but I was fighting to find a way to live. More than that to enjoy living.

This has not been easy for me. It has taken many years to figure out how to care knowing that in and of itself this will not make a difference. There are days when I still think that the whole of humanity laying down and dying would be the better option.

Then there are other days. Days when the sunrise is so stunning I can’t help but stare. Days when I come home from work and my dog is so excited that she is doing a full body wag. Days when you can’t get a new melody out of your head because it is far too interesting. Days that turn into nights around a bonfire with friends with the moon shining brilliantly in a clear night sky.

It is a struggle to live some days. It’s even more of a struggle to enjoy it. That’s what I want to write about here. Fighting for the moments that make life worth living. So please, everyone… #keepitshiny