My first day in my RV was physically taxing and only mildly productive. I originally wanted to stay in the empty lot beside my sister’s house, get everything organized, work on a few things like installing my composting toilet, and pay zero dollars. That did not go as planned.

As a newbie I did not realize that when you have a new or “new to you” RV you really need to be hooked up to everything in order to check out what works and what doesn’t. For instance, my fridge has a switch to run off either electric or gas. While I was unplugged I had it switched to gas power. For some reason it won’t work under gas power. However, it will while under electric power. Perhaps I just need to “jiggle” some wires and hit it with a hammer a few times?

The other incredibly important item I need to install is my composting toilet. I already ripped out my old one and left it in the garbage. That part was easy. Now the much more difficult project is installing mine. While space is not an issue, because I am driving a beast, proper ventilation and wiring the unit is an issue. For those who do not know the unit I purchased requires minimal power in order to run the internal fan. This keeps the decomposition process going smoothly without smelling.

Another annoying tidbit is when I went over to Lowe’s to get a cap for the water line it was too big. How in the world can I measure something with a measuring tape, purchase a cap in the corresponding size, and then it be too large? There must be a trade secret to measuring plumbing fixtures I am unaware of.

The final item is my windshield. I had the passenger side windshield replaced at the same Camping World where I purchased my unit. During the all day rain-a-thon a couple of days ago it started leaking. BAD. At least that item is under warranty, and there shouldn’t be an issue getting it resealed.

Well those are lessons learned on Day One, bring it Day Two.